It’s almost here!
X-Wing Second Edition releases Thursday 13 September, and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to start your attack run at Conexio Games Cafe in Brisbane. We will be joining the celebration by hosting a Launch Night at our special RU OK?Day Social Games Night event.

Come and join us for X-Wing Second Edition, and in no time you’ll find yourself battling among the stars in a galaxy far, far, away. Come along with some friends and thrust yourself right into the middle of this miniatures game’s thrilling starfighter battles.

This Is Just the Beginning
Conexio Games Cafe launch night is just the first step to help you learn the new edition of the game. It’s also a great way to become part of a larger games community. You’ll get the chance to meet other local players. Which is right in the spirit of this Thursday’s RU OK?Day Social Games Night event where we encourage you to strengthen your social connections.

Conexio Games Cafe will continue it’s support for X-Wing Second Edition with our regular casual Friday Campaign nights. You can find out more about these events in our blog articles and on our Facebook Social Games Group event.

Star Wars X-wing 2nd ed

Star Wars X-wing 2nd ed boxed set

One in a Million
Few games have ever generated as much excitement as X-Wing. With its fast-paced, immersive game play and its beautifully pre-painted miniatures, X-Wing has won over fans from all across the globe. I am sure we are just as excited as you to enjoy all that second edition has to offer!