The Four Player Archetypes

Learn more about how the four player archetypes are different.

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Below you will find a more detailed description of each of the four player archetypes:

The Creative Player

The Creative Player is focused on creative expression through the game, as well as attaining advances and status. They derive their main enjoyment from expressing the game world in a personal way and through freedom of interaction with the game system. They love to develop themes within their game play and may have a preference towards games that allow them to develop a rich back story, with matching game statistics. Often the Creative Player will enjoy gaining advances or items for their prestige value, or how they develop the back story, rather than for their in game benefits. They may also have a tendency to want to collect the ‘whole set’ of in game advances in order to fully develop their in game abilities. In addition, they may find enjoyment in a character creation process that allows freedom to minimise and maximise game statistics according to their preference. A Creative Player will often enjoy games that have a changing or free flowing board or games where they can actively influence the progress of the game during play.

The Immersive Player

The Immersive Player is focused on exploring or expressing the game setting, and discovering the unknown. They derive their main enjoyment from delving into the game setting or background and their interaction with the thematic elements of the game. An Immersive Player will typically love to learn about the game background or lore, and appreciate the quality of a game as a whole and not just for the elegance of its mechanics of play. They may enjoy games with puzzles and where an attention to detail is required. An Immersive Player may have a preference for games that allow them freedom to take the game to places not originally intended. Often they will enjoy playing games that offer the opportunity to re-experience their love of a favourite movie, book, or popular culture. They may favour the roleplaying elements of a game, and will generally enjoying sharing their experiences of games with other people.

The Social Player

Social Players are focused on socialising with other people through the game, and developing a network of peers and contacts. They derive their main enjoyment from the interaction they have with other people while playing a game, and through sharing their experiences of play with others. They love to use games as a way to bring new and old friends together, in order to relax and just have fun. They may also find that their personal social network is heavily derived from their interest in games. Many Social Players prefer non-tournament styles of play, though some may enjoy tournaments for the chance to hang out with other likeminded people. In the latter case, they will likely have little regard to where they rank. A Social Player will typically revel in the ‘social’ aspects of a game, where they enjoy forming guilds and pacts with people in game.

The Competitive Player

Competitive Players are focused on winning, rankings, and direct competition with other people. They derive their main enjoyment through direct competition with other players and their efforts to master the game environment, system or mechanics of play. The completive player will thrive on competition with other players and often prefer a tournament style of game play. They may also be active in the social or economic aspects of a game where they can develop market control and take on positions of leadership. Sometimes a Competitive Player can be a little chaotic and may enjoy stirring things up, actively sowing destruction or playing the bad guy. They love to effect the environment of the game, and may prefer combat or tactically focused games. Typically a Competitive Player will enjoy spending hours contemplating the perfect combination of play, where flavour is secondary to efficiency.