Every Friday evening Conexio Games Cafe hosts a regular Star Wars X-wing Campaign for the miniatures game produced by Fantasy Flight Games. This is one our organised play community events, meaning it run by members of the local games community.

Join the Heroes of the Aturi Cluster and pit yourself against the might of the Empire. In this fan-based test campaign up to 6 rebel pilots will test their skills against a AI controlled Imperial force. Come along on Friday evening, have a feed, a beer, and join in the fun.

The Star Wars X-wing Campaign is open to new and experienced players. In fact we welcome new players and the chance to introduce them to this great miniatures game. The campaign’s focus is primarily on social play, and a love of all things Star Wars. So come and share our passion and socialise with us over a great game, in a great venue were you can grab a feed and a beer while you play.

The second edition of Star Wars X-wing miniatures game is due to launch in September 2018 and at that time the campaign will be revised in line with the new rules. So now is good time to join in the action as we warm up to the new launch of the game.

This event is organised by Stuart Hurford and please direct your enquiries to him via our Facebook Social Group (please join), where you will also find an event for further details.

If you’re interested in running a game event like the Star Wars X-wing Campaign for the community then talk to us about how we can support you at Conexio.