Star Wars RPG – one shot adventures is another community event, meaning it’s run by members of the local games community. Held on Saturdays, these one off adventures allow people to experience the Star Wars roleplaying game as a first time or veteran player. They allow people to play a single game or continue on through the series of adventures. There is no ongoing commitment required to play, as there would be in a roleplaying campaign. Though some adventures may take 2 or 3 session to complete, and there is no obligations to play all the sessions. Other players can be dropped in or out of the game easily.

There is a limit of 6 players for each session and this will be managed on first come first served basis. Other people will go onto a wait list from where player spots will be filled. Depending on the level of interest there is a possibility to establish a second table of players.

Star Wars RPG – one shot adventures will be drawn from a range of published material from Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force and Destiny, the military and Jedi modules respectively.

There is help available for new players with character creation. Veteran players are free to design their own character to play. There will also be a range of pre generated characters available for Star Wars RPG – one shot adventures, to allow anyone to simple jump in and give this great game a try.

This event is organised by Cameron Cudahy and ask you direct your inquiries to him via our Facebook Social Group (please join), where you will also find an event for further details.

If you’re interested in running a game event for the community then talk to us about how we can support you at Conexio.