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Conexio Games Café also has a retail games store where you can shop for that special gift or perhaps a little something for yourself.

We have a wide variety of popular games across the categories below, from a large number of manufactures including some of the most popular in the across the world. Our retail store has games for adults as well as children’s games.

Be sure to ask our friendly staff if you can’t see what you are after as we can likely order any currently available games. 

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Boardgames are played with counters or pieces placed on, removed from, or moved across a “board”. Boardgames have been around for a very long time, thousands of years in fact, and today many are inspired by popular novels, comics and moves.

Card & Dice Games

Card & dice games use either a deck of cards or collection of dice for game play. There are many different ways in which these games can play out, and as with other games, many are inspired by popular culture.

Miniatures Games

Miniatures games typically involve players simulating a battle, played out using small figurines to represent the units involved. Many such games are based on popular fantasy and science fiction settings in addition to those based on historical conflicts.

Roleplaying Games

Roleplaying Games are an interactive, collaborative, storytelling game in which player take on the role of a fictional character. Just like novels and films, these games have great appeal because they engage the imagination and are extremely social.

Games Accessories

Games are a valuable collection and in order to get the most enjoyment from them we have a complete line of game-specific supplies that will help to protect your games and enhance your table top game experience.