Carcarsonne family boardgame | Conexio Games Cafe Brisbane

Player Connect

Player Connect provides an easy and convenient way to meet more people who want to play table top games.

Player Connect is available through our Social Games Group on Facebook. Join up to the group, introduce yourself and get to know other players. It’s the perfect way to make new friends and expand your games community.

Arrange games and create your own game events (be sure you book these at the café too, so we have table space put aside for you). 

In using the group it’s expected that you will abide some basic rules of courtesy. Be kind to each other. That’s all we ask.

Social Games Night

Every Thursday evening is our standing Social Games Night. If you’d like to meet new players and pick up social game then this is place to be. Make sure you join our Social Games Group on Facebook and introduce yourself. This is where you will be able to invite other people to join you at Conexio. You can even set up events of your own to invite people to join in on your favourite game.