Player Archetypes

Find the right game and compatible players easily with Player Archetypes

What are Player Archetypes?

Player Archetypes are a fun and simple way of describing how you gain enjoyment from tabletop games; such as board games, card games, roleplaying games and miniatures games.

Conexio Games Café uses four different archetypes, which are a little like personality types. They give you a better understanding of your ‘style of play’ and provide some insight into why you’ll like some games more than others.

Plus they help to develop a better understanding of the differences in other players, allowing for a greater acceptance of their ‘style of play’, which we believe is the cornerstone of great community.

The four archetypes are:

Creative Player

Immersive Player

Social Player

Competitive Player

It’s important to remember that no archetype is inherently better than another.

They are simply temperaments that favour different aspects of game play. In fact, you will have elements of all four archetypes in your ‘style of play’ though will tend to favour one or two.

Conexio Games Café uses Player Archetypes in a number of different ways:

We categorise the games in store by them so that you can find games most recommended to your ‘style of play’;
News blog articles are tagged by archetypes to aid in finding relevant content;
We use archetypes in conjunction with our Player Connect Facebook groups to help you find compatible players; and
We use archetypes with our Events so you can choose the games experience you wish to have.

Once you know your Player Archetype you can more confidently select a table top game based on how it meets your natural preferences. You’ll also be able to easily identify other people most interested in playing your favourite games. Plus you’ll also have a better understanding and appreciation of how other people like to play games, so that everyone can play in an inclusive manner.

Player Archetypes provide you with a guide to understand that different people play games for different reasons. They provide a way for you to reflect on what brings people to the table, and how they get their ‘fun’.

Are you wondering what your Player Archetype is?

You can find out your Player Archetype by taking our FREE quiz now.

Once you know your archetype read more about each of them here.

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