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Organised Play

Conexio Games Café hosts regular game play events in-store, where you can enjoy a social night out, meet new friends, or experience a new table top game.

Our organised play social events are run by Conexio staff, but most are run by members of the community. We would to be pleased to assist you to contribute and share your passion for your favourite game.

If you are interested in running an event at the café yourself, please speak to one of our staff about how we can support you or contact us via email or messenger. We would love to help you build a better games community.

Keep an eye out for upcoming miniatures games, card & dice games, roleplaying games and boardgames events via the News section of the website, our Facebook page Event Calendar, and our Social Games Group on Facebook.

Organised Games

We have a variety of organised game play on offer. Some are standing events such as our Star Wars X-wing campaign and the Blood Bowl League. Others are short events such as one shot roleplaying games and campaign boardgames like Descent. Keep an eye out for news and events on the website, Facebook pages and group for more information about how to join in. Remember that we’d be happy to host your game. Talk to our staff about how we can support you.