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Do something that’s different and fun with family ‘n friends!

Get away from those screens and spend some quality face to face time together. Enjoy an afternoon or evening sharing great company over a table top game, food and drink.

Download a list of the games we currently have in the Games Library.

Conexio Games Café has a wide selection of miniatures games, card & dice games, and boardgames available to play from our in-store Games Library of around 450 games.

In our games library you’ll find games for kids as young a 3, through to adult games. We have a wide variety of party, family and strategy games. There is a huge range to suit your preferences and Conexio has something for everyone.

In the library you’ll find some familiar titles, and for those less versed in the games of today many titles that would be new to you. The table top game industry is in a massive resurgence and the nature of games have changed from what you might remember as a kid.

So be brave and step out into a new game experience on your next visit. Our staff can assist with picking a game to play and navigating the rules. Though if you choose from games in our 7 to 10 year old range, you’ll find fun and entertaining games that are easy to learn for  players of any age. The age range refers to complexity of game, not necessarily the target audience.

You can spend a couple of hours or all day with no limit on the number of games you can play, all for the cost of a small fee per player:

The casual player fee is $6 for all day play.

You can also ENJOY FREE game play weekdays before 5pm when you dine with us. Or during our standing school holiday specials.

We offer a number of ways to reduce our casual game play fee during peak periods with dine and play specials, and memberships.

Why not bring the kids?

If you are looking for the ideal place for your next play-date, then why not bring the kids down to Conexio Games Café. We’ll provide free access our Games Library to children under the age of 15 years. Let the kids have fun over one of our children’s boardgames and puzzles (recommended for ages 3+) while you relax and catch up with fellow parents. Better yet, join in the fun with the kids and share some special face to face time.

Get help with your next game purchase.

Our Games Library is also available to assist you in making the perfect choice for your home games library. Our friendly staff can provide a hands-on experience of a game in our library to ensure your next purchase is a perfect one. Relax with a coffee, take your time, chat with our staff and ensure you are happy with your selection. Talk to us if you’d like to try before you buy.