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Got a burning question to ask about Conexio Games Café?

Check out our FAQ’s and answers below for some more information on what Conexio is; what we’re about; and what drives us and our passion for food and games.

Café Restaurant

All about the cafe restaurant at Conexio.

Are you a family friendly restaurant café?

Most assuredly. We are all about families and bringing them together for quality face to face time. High chairs are available and we have a kids menu.

Do I have to play games if I come to Conexio?

No, you do not. Playing games is optional. We are a fully licensed family friendly cafe restaurant at our core. You can simple come for a coffee or a meal. This makes us the perfect local suburban cafe for Albany Creek and surrounds. Of course we think you’re missing out on a great part of what we have to offer. There’s nothing quite like the entertainment experience of an outing with friends or family at Conexio, enjoying a meal, a drink and a game. It’s simple fun. But that’s why it works so well.

Do you offer take away?

Yes we do. Everything on our menu is available take away. Call us before hand and order ahead. Pick up and go. Perfect for lunch and dinner.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes we do. Conexio is a fully licensed restaurant.

Games Library

All about the Games Library.

Can I take games home from the library?

No. Our games library is for use in-store only.

Do you have a list of the games in the library?

Yes we do. You’ll find our ‘games menu’ at the cafe and on the Games Library page of this website, found under the Games menu.

Do you have kids games?

Indeed we do. We have games and puzzles for kids as young as 3 years old in our games library. Plus we have some drawing and colouring packs for the younger kids.

How many games are in your library?

Conexio has around 450 games currently in our collection. We have games for kids as young as 3 years old through to adult. We hold a wide variety of common games that most people will be familiar with. Plus a range of ‘specialist’ tabletop games, many of which are from non-English speaking origins. Boardgames have come a long way over recent decades and there are many fun and easy, to engaging and complex games to experience. If you haven’t played games since you were a kid yourself, then there is a whole new world for your explore at Conexio. Bring the family for an amazing outing that’ll bring you all together.

Is there a fee to play games from the library?

Yes there is. We charge a flat fee of $6 per person per day for casual play, which gives you unlimited time. Kids under 15 years of age always play free. Plus we have a number of other ways to discount that fee, through our standing specials and membership scheme. Please check out the information under Community and Cafe menus for more information.

Why do we charge a fee? Well, for those unfamiliar with modern table top games the reason is really very simple. On average the games in our library cost around $50 to $80 each. Some are less and some are much more expensive. So this cost makes our library a considerable investment. Plus, whilst most players love our games and use them with great care, accidents do happen. Damaged games need repair and replacement (a regular occurrence unfortunately) and we also want to be able to add new games to our library over time for your enjoyment. Charging a fee for play makes the games library offering a viable component of our business.

Playing Games at Conexio

All about playing games at Conexio Games Café.

Can I bring my own games to play at the café?

Yes you can. We are more than happy for you to bring your favourite game to play. The usual player fees will apply. Please make sure that you book a table by calling us, so we can make sure we have space for you.

Many groups do exactly this. We have roleplaying groups who run their regular session with us. As well as miniatures games players who organise events like our X-wing Campaign in store.

If you are interested in running a game of your own with us, give us a call and we can discuss how we can support you.

Can I run a game event at Conexio?

Yes you can. We have regular community events at Conexio, which we list in on our Facebook events and news section of this website. You will need to speak with us first so we can determine if our space is suitable for what you want to do.

Retail Games Store

All about our retail games store.

Can I buy games at your store?

Yes you can. We have a dedicated retails games store at Conexio. You can buy off the shelf from a range of popular games, or order in that game you want. Our Club Connect members also get a 10% discount off purchases made in store. You can find our more about memberships under the Community menu of this website.

Do you have an online shop?

No. Though it is something we working on for this website. Please stay tuned. You can place orders over the phone and we can arrange shipping. We realise this is not as convenient, but it might get you out of pinch for that game you’ve been searching for.