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Welcome to Conexio Games Café in Brisbane

Join us in the name of fun and imagination. Share in our love of great food and coffee, and quality time across the table top.

A fully licensed restaurant café located on Brisbane’s northside. Conexio is a truly family friendly venue, offering a unique experience for all ages.

Eat, drink, and play from our in-store library of over 450 boardgames. We are the ideal destination for families and gamers alike for your next social outing. You can also shop from our retail games store, and take your favourite games home.

Join in our community online and at the café with our social games nights and organised community events.

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Be part of Brisbane’s games community

Are you seeking ways to bring your family together for more quality time?

Are you looking for something fun to do with friends at a great venue?

Do you want to be part of a community that values imagination and entertainment?

At Conexio Games Café these things are easy to do.

In today’s fast-paced world you are probably more connected than ever before through your digital device. While it’s great having everything at your fingertips. Are you really connecting with other people?

Like you, many people realise that socialising is vitally important for great relationships and our wellbeing. Making time to hang out face to face, chatting and sharing things you enjoy is the only way to really get to know and appreciate other people.

Wouldn’t it be great to strengthen your bonds with family and friends through an outing of entertainment that doesn’t involve a screen? To get back to the simple every-day enjoyment that a family game and great food provide, while you enjoy the company of those who matter most.

Imagine if you could enter a world where the pop-culture of movies, TV, novels, comics and family boardgames converge in a family friendly, community oriented environment. A place where you can meet friends, get to know like-minded people and enjoy a meal or drink, all while you play a diverse and engaging range of games that are not just for the young but for the young at heart.

Share in our love of great food and quality time with family and friends in a unique environment.

Conexio Games Café invites you to join us in the name of fun and imagination. Play from our in-store library’s wide selection of games.  Benefit from trying that game before you buy it from our retail section where you can choose from boardgames, card & dice games, miniatures games, and roleplaying games to suit all interests.

We invite you to explore our website, visit us in-store at Albany Creek in Brisbane Queensland, read about our upcoming events, connect with others via our online community, and shop for games with the help of our Conexio team.

We look forward to connecting with you soon.

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